About me

I am Mansoor Khan, a Senior Software Engineer who loves the web. I'm passionate about semantic and standards based development. Efficient code, intuitive user experience, building responsive and interactive web pages has turned me into a thinking Frontend developer.

My knack of creating reusable, decoupled and non-redundant code has helped me become a better Backend developer. I strive to create backend solutions that conform to OOP/SOLID/DRY/KISS principles to make the web application more robust, extendable and secure.

I transitioned into a Backend developer in the latter half of my tenure at Virtual Diamond Boutique due to segregation of responsibilities. Since then I love working on the backend be it database tuning, speeding up APIs or making architectural changes.

In addition to my passion for the web, I also enjoy reading fiction, playing cricket/badminton and video games in whatever free time I get.

Skills Experience Where used


~6 years


~7 months


~6 years


~4 years

ElasticSearch, Redis, Sidekiq

~6 years


~6 years


~2 years


My work

I have worked on several projects but I have picked only the relevant here.




Tour management app for tour operators

Tourmonk is developed primarily for tour operators. The idea is to provide a tour management platform for operators who specialize in managing tours.

This web app lets tour operators manage their users, invite them via checkin-app, post status updates about tours on facebook and create analytical data based on the user behaviour.

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Spanish Hour

Learn Spanish in 50 days

This project was done in 2 parts. First part involved re-working existing HTML5/JS game script to work on mobile devices. I used jQuery Mobile to create a mobile friendly version of the web app. It involved numerous Skype brainstorming sessions to get things right. The client was very supportive and knew exactly what he wanted. That eased the process of design and development considerably.

Next was creating the mobile version of Flashcard Blitz - a card game for learning Spanish. Again the client's co-operation proved very constructive and we managed to create a beautiful mobile version of the card game.

Both the projects were challenging in the context that there wasn't enough HTML5 support on mobile devices then. Some turnarounds and continuous dedicated work led to a successful end product.

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Providing education assistance to inquisitive minds.

Mentors is an online portal which came into existence to provide education assistance to young minds. This is a content based website that provides Programming Tutorials, Solved Question Papers, Projects, Notes, Quiz, a QA section for students to ask questions etc.

Students are encouraged to make profiles, add fellow students and exchange notes via messaging. The Java Quiz is designed to help students prepare for their examinations.
The site boasts of a dedicated user base and a good Facebook following. The site ranks #1 in Google search for several keywords.

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C For Code

Learn, Code, Share

A platform for sharing code snippets, tutorials, articles and everything code related. Learn from tutorials, quality code snippets, and prepare for technical job interviews.

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An online solution to SWPPP inspection management

Worked on contract for Shift Stormwater, an online solution to SWPPP inspection management.

  • Created markup and design from PSD
  • Created MySQL database with entity relationships using Doctrine ORM.
  • Created codebase with Symfony2, Twig, Handlebars, jQuery and libraries.
  • Handled complex forms with M:M relationships
  • Handed over a complete single page application (SPA) that could create multiple projects, add calendar entries, Forms CRUD using the live weather report (using NDFD SOAP request) with attachments and alerts for Forms.


Let's thank the Open Source Contributors

A sample app developed using AngularJS/Bootstrap/Sass to search a repository by name and follow it's contributors. It uses HTML5 localstorage to store user data.


One powerful car searching marketplace

This was done as part of a freelance contract. I converted PSDs to beautiful looking web pages that are mobile friendly.


Search GitHub Repository by language

This is a pseudo front end application which would let the users help list and browse top github projects conveniently. The app is hosted on Github Pages.


Find weather of my city

A sample app built with AngularJS 2. Search a city by name and display weather information of the day and the following days. Github Pages.

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